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Horse in Stable

Large Animal Services

Charleville Vet Surgery offer a large variety of Large animal services, we cater for horses, cattle, sheep, camels, Llamas, donkeys and goats.

Get access to the best veterinary care and advice for your livestock.

Whether your animals are pets, or part of a large stud or commercial farm, we pride ourselves on providing complete and responsive on-farm care and advice.



· Routine vaccinations and worming advice
· Dentistry (with Powerfloat)
· Disease control (colic treatments and respiratory       workups)
· Toxicology investigation
· Microchipping and identification for the ASB
· Reproduction & breeding management
· Postnatal care of foals
· Radiography
· Nutritional advice
· Behavioural problem investigations
· Lameness examinations

· Mare AI (coming soon)

· Acupuncture & Laser Therapy



· Farm consultation and advice over the phone
· Calving’s/caesareans
· Mastitis prevention
· Herd health visits
· Pregnancy testing (including ACV tail tags)
· Bull testing and semen collection
· Feedlot advice
· Post mortem investigation
· Disease surveillance
· Farmer discussion seminars
· Biosecurity and J-BAS advice



· Farm consultations and advice over the phone
· General medicine and surgery
· Pregnancy testing
· DNA sampling for stud books
· Ovine brucellosis accreditations
· Alpaca castrations

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