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Pet Food

Our practice philosophy is to always to put the welfare of our patient first and help our clients navigate through the different treatment options to find the one that is best for them and their pet.

Pet food recommendations

We stock a range of prescription foods for your pets, to help you manage their specific medical conditions and are happy to discuss the most suitable food for them. We also offer general advice on feeding and weight management.

Our pets' diet is a key influential factor to your pets overall health. Skin conditions, kidney function, metabolic management and so much more can be contributed to your pet's diet.


Our friendly vets will discuss dietary requirements and recommendations for your pet, and if we do not have it in stock, we can certainly order it in for you.

To book an appointment to discuss your pet's dietary requirements please phone 4654 2605.

Border Collie with a Bone

Best Brands at Lowest Prices 

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