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Our pets offer us unconditional love and friendship. Just like any other family member, vaccinations for pets (particularly our puppy and kitten family members) is crucial to their health. To safeguard your pet from potentially serious and sometimes fatal diseases, Charleville Vet Surgery recommends a tailored preventative health care program for every pet, which includes regular vaccinations.

Why Vaccinate?

Vaccinating your pet against contagious and potentially fatal diseases is vital. Most of the diseases covered by vaccinations are viral and may not always respond well to medication or treatment, prevention is the best cure! Where treatments are available, they may be prolonged and require hospitalisation to which there is a cost. For this and other reasons, we strongly recommend vaccinations.



When should you vaccinate your pet?

Generally, puppies and kittens require an initial series of three vaccines followed by an annual booster to ensure ongoing protection from disease. All Charleville Vet Surgery Vets perform a comprehensive physical examination before any vaccination is given. Your local Charleville Vet Surgery clinic team can recommend a vaccination regimen to keep your pet safe and protected.

Your vet will review your pet’s medical history and determine exactly which vaccine program is most appropriate depending on the age, lifestyle of your pet and the area in which you and your pet live or visit.

Unvaccinated pets are at high risk of contracting serious or even fatal diseases. You can protect your dog or cat by maintaining the vaccination program recommended by your Charleville Vet Surgery pet care team. Give our friendly team a call for more information.

We offer all the recommended core vaccines for all your large and small animal needs.

Dogs need to be vaccinated with a C5 vaccine that protects them against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and the two components of Kennel Cough which are Parainfluenza and Bordatella Bronchiseptica. The frequency of the various components of the C5 vaccine can vary and we explain this in detail at the vaccination appointment.

Cats need to be vaccinated with an F5 vaccine that protects them against Rhinotracheitis, Panleucopenia and Calici Virus . Cats should also be vaccinated with the FIV vaccine against Feline Aids. The frequency of these vaccinations, after the initial course, is annual.

At the time of the vaccination your pet will receive a comprehensive health check. At this annual health check we will discuss the pets diet, dental health, parasite prevention, weight and provide you with our assessment of their health. If we are concerned about any facet of their health we will discuss this with you and make a plan with you to address this.

To make an appointment for your pet please call 07 4654 2605.

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