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Medical Services

We offer a comprehensive medical service for your pets, diagnosing and treating a range of diseases

Veterinary Medical Services

We offer an extensive range of medical services for acute and chronic conditions. We are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and management of conditions relating to but not limited to the following organs and systems:

  • Endocrine system (e.g. diabetes, thyroid problems and adrenal problems etc.),

  • Gastro intestinal system (e.g. chronic vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss etc.)

  • Urinary system (e.g. incontinence, bladder stones and infections etc.)

  • Respiratory and cardiovascular systems (e.g. heart failure, and chronic cough etc.)

  • Skin (e.g. chronic allergies and ear infections etc.),

  • Neurological system (e.g. seizures etc.)

  • Behavior (e.g. separation anxiety etc.)

  • Eye (e.g. ulcers and infections etc.)

  • Musculoskeletal (e.g. lameness diagnosis and arthritis etc.)

We understand having an unwell pet is very distressing. To help we provide clear and concise communication about the condition, it’s management, associated costs and prognosis. We then guide you through the decision making process to arrive at a treatment plan tailored to the needs of your pet and your situation. We are here to help and will follow up through phone calls and revisits to ensure that you have all the technical and emotional support that you need.

Your pet can be hospitalized with us if their condition requires this. As always they will receive the best possible care during their stay with us.

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